Shark Brothers presents "Come Hell or High Water" LP


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Rated R & DJ Coach One

"Deadly Combination" EP




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El-Roi - "Heiss auf Dähr"

Official Music Video

Ovaseas Movement - The Code Red LP (2014)

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"Ghetto Residents" the second single of the OSM - Code Red LP - Release 12.23.2014

Bimes Ill, Topas, Hades, Onse TSW, The Jotaka & Dj Coach One - "Home Front"

Rated R & Dj Coach One - The Righteous Remix LP (2014)

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Celph Titled & Capitole D ft. Dj Coach One - "Poltergeist" The Official Remix

Ovaseas Movement - The Third Legacy LP (2013)

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OvaSeas Movement

"Point of No Return" LP 2012

with over 40 mcee`s

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here`s the final OSM LP for on the link under the cover.....much fun

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Part 1 :

Part 2 :






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